product-description-logo Plansom is an AI app that helps you create plans instantly into achievable objectives. It helps you prioritise your most important tasks first with AI assistance for every step

  • product-description-logo Develop a detailed event marketing strategy tailored to effectively drive sales and attract new customers.

  • product-description-logo Identify the target audience for event marketing and align event objectives with the company's overall sales and marketing goals.

  • product-description-logo Select appropriate types of events for hosting or participation, ensuring alignment with business objectives and audience preferences.

  • product-description-logo Create a comprehensive event marketing calendar that encompasses pre-event, during-event, and post-event engagement strategies.

  • product-description-logo Establish clear metrics for success, including methods for the measurement and analysis of event marketing effectiveness.



    Plansom is the AI App that helps you Succeed

  • product-description-logo AI powered plans to Double Your Productivity.

  • product-description-logo Algorithms to prioritise the most important task first.

  • product-description-logo Achieve goals quickly with AI support.

  • product-description-logo Built in collaboration to maximise team performance.

  • product-description-logo Track your team’s achievements in real-time.

Event Marketing Strategy Plan

Event Marketing Strategy Blueprint

Maximizing Impact with Strategic Event Engagement.


As a growing company, it is essential to establish a robust event marketing strategy that enhances your market presence and drives sales effectively. You're poised to leverage events to connect with potential customers and solidify your brand.

Strategy Overview

The following strategy is designed with a focus on efficiency and efficacy, tailored to meet the needs of your dedicated marketing personnel without the requirement for external agency support.

  1. Audience Identification: Pinpointing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your ideal event attendees.
  2. Event Objectives: Clearly defining what you aim to achieve, from lead generation to direct sales, and setting measurable KPIs.
  3. Event Selection: Carefully choose the events that align with your business goals, whether digital webinars, industry conferences, or local meetups.
  4. Marketing Calendar: Strategically planning your event participation across the year to maximize visibility and engagement.
  5. Engagement Strategies: Crafting tailored engagement tactics for before, during, and after events to keep attendees connected and interested.
  6. Success Metrics: Establishing robust methodologies for tracking success and analyzing event performance against your set KPIs.

Execution Plan

To ensure the effectiveness of your event marketing efforts, your approach will be methodical and data-driven. We will integrate feedback mechanisms and engage in continuous improvement cycles to refine your strategies and achieve the best possible CAC.


With a strategic approach to event marketing, you are poised to enhance your customer acquisition process, reduce CAC, and foster sustainable business growth. Your commitment to internal management of this strategy reflects your dedication to operational excellence and cost-effectiveness.

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