Plansom was started with a singular goal in m ind; doubling productivity.
By doubling productivity we mean doubling productivity not just for some businesses, in some cases, but doubling the productivity of all work, for everyone.
At first glance this is a goal so ambitious it seems impossible. Maybe ev en ridiculous. But, we believe it is possible. We also believe it is a goal worth striving for, because the impact on peoples´ lives would be profound.
How do you double productivity?
Why do we think it is possible to double productivity?
In nearly all organisations a huge amount of effort is expended on plans and projects that in the end add little value. The root cause of this waste is that businesses are forced to use trial and error to fix the challenges facing them. This is slow and expensive.
With generative AI trial and error is no longer necess ary. Drawing on the combined experience of millions of businesses, at Plansom we use generative AI to build benchmark strategies that provide a solid starting point.
Still, generative AI is not perfect. At Plansom we als o work with expert partners to create best of breed strategies for common business challenges. Further, we allow custo mers to build their own templates.
The first step to doubling productivity is to start wi th proven strategies. It avoids expensive trial and error.
Focus on high impact / effort
Once you have set strategy, success comes down to exec ution. But, most businesses execute slowly. Why is that?
At Plansom we start by recognising that some tasks and goals have much greater impact than others. Achieving these is key. We also acknowledge that there is a trade-off bet ween the impact of a goal and the effort it takes to get there.
By thinking in terms of impact / effort and optimising to get the biggest possible bang for your buck, it is possible to execute radically faster without working harder. It is a key step in doubling productivity
Delegate with 100% alignment
The final step in doubling productivity is ensuring yo ur team is 100% aligned. How?
Alignment most often breaks down when tasks are delega ted. Delegation is hard and tasks are often delegated badly, or not at all.
To delegate well you have to empower individuals and a t the same time offer guidance. Plansom makes delegation simpler by making it easy to do both.
First, every Plansom task is aligned with a goal and a strategy. We measure time spent on aligned tasks, and rate outcomes in terms of success (beat,hit, miss) and on-time performance. This clarity fuels empowerment and trust and makes delegation easier.
Second, Plansom includes AI Guidance on all tasks and goals. Whenever an individual has a doubt or wants to brainstorm a solution to a challenge, full AI support is on hand . This access to targeted and specific guidance whenever needed makes delegation much simpler
Simple, affordable, effective
To double productivity, Plansom w as built with three core values in mind:
  • Simple :The tool will always be as simple as possible. It will always be easy for anyone to use, quick to learn, and take as little time as possible to use ever y day
  • Affordable :As busin ess owners ourselves we always provide the best value for money
  • Effective : Our aim is to give you a tool to make your team double productivity and we constantly refine Plansom to improve it further