product-description-logo Plansom is an AI app that helps you create plans instantly into achievable objectives. It helps you prioritise your most important tasks first with AI assistance for every step

  • product-description-logo Identify critical skill and knowledge gaps across the organization through a comprehensive skills assessment.

  • product-description-logo Develop a structured skills training program tailored to identified gaps, incorporating areas such as communication, problem-solving, and diversity.

  • product-description-logo Create individual development plans for each employee, facilitated by managers with guidance from Learning and Development.

  • product-description-logo Equip managers with the tools and training necessary to support their teams' development and to carry out the new program effectively.

  • product-description-logo Utilize a virtual training delivery model to cater to the remote working setup of the team members.



    Plansom is the AI App that helps you Succeed

  • product-description-logo AI powered plans to Double Your Productivity.

  • product-description-logo Algorithms to prioritise the most important task first.

  • product-description-logo Achieve goals quickly with AI support.

  • product-description-logo Built in collaboration to maximise team performance.

  • product-description-logo Track your team’s achievements in real-time.

Comprehensive Skills Training Program

Empower Skill Enhancement: Comprehensive Skills Training Program

Embark on a transformative journey with thisComprehensive Skills Training Program. Tailored to bridge the skill gaps in your organization, this initiative is poised to amplify the expertise of your workforce, matching the pace of your growth. With a keen focus on vital soft and hard skills, from communication to problem-solving, this will nurture your team's talent, aligning individual aspirations with your strategic milestones.

Strategic Approach

  • Skill Gap Analysis: Pinpointing areas for development through meticulous skill assessments to chart a targeted training pathway.
  • Customized Learning: Crafting bespoke training programs that address specific gaps, fostering expertise in pivotal areas such as project management, conflict resolution, and diversity.
  • Development Plans: Instilling a growth mindset by equipping each employee with a tailored development plan, guided by managerial support and Learning & Development expertise.
  • Managerial Empowerment: Enabling leaders to become catalysts for change, with resources and training to drive the skills enhancement agenda forward.
  • Virtual Learning Adaptability: Leveraging technology to deliver impactful training in a remote work environment, ensuring no team member is left behind.

The Commitment to Growth

By integrating this strategy, committed to cultivating an ecosystem where continuous learning is not just encouraged but celebrated. Envision a workplace where every individual is empowered to reach their full potential, driving productivity and fostering an unwavering sense of belonging and achievement within the team.

Take the lead in future-proofing your workforce, enhancing skill sets that not only elevate individual performance but also propel your company forward.

How to Use Plansom - Step by Step Manual