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  • product-description-logo Initiate a complete legal framework audit to identify non-compliance and risk areas.

  • product-description-logo Institute a systematic legal risk assessment process with multi-departmental collaboration.

  • product-description-logo Classify risks based on severity and immediacy to strategize mitigation or acceptance.

  • product-description-logo Establish a continuous legal risk evaluation cycle to adapt to organizational and legislative changes.

  • product-description-logo Design the risk review protocol to be adaptable to various legal environments and scalable with business growth.



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Legal Risk Review Strategy

Comprehensive Legal Risk Review Strategy Implementation

Creating a legal risk review strategy is crucial for any organization looking to mitigate potential legal issues and ensure compliance with various regulations. This strategy should encompass regular checks and balances to identify and address areas of risk before they become liabilities.

Strategy Overview

  • Audit and Identification: Carry out an in-depth audit of the current legal framework to pinpoint areas of risk and non-compliance. This step forms the basis for reinforcing the organization’s legal defences.
  • Risk Assessment Process: Establish a legal risk assessment process that involves key stakeholders from different departments to foster a comprehensive approach to risk management.
  • Risk Prioritization: Evaluate the identified risks and prioritize them based on the degree of severity and the necessity of action, ranging from risk elimination to acceptance of manageable risks.
  • Regular Evaluation Cycles: Implement ongoing assessment cycles to remain proactive against potential legal issues, ensuring that the organization’s risk management strategy evolves with its growth and the changing legal landscape.
  • Adaptable and Scalable Review: Ensure that the legal risk review process is flexible and can be applied effectively across different legal jurisdictions, and can grow in tandem with the organization.

Execution Plan

The strategy will be executed with the leadership of the legal counsel, who will dedicate a set number of hours weekly to this process. Their expertise, coupled with insights from operational and line managers, will provide a robust foundation for the organization's legal risk posture.

Legal risk management is an essential, ongoing commitment. The developed strategy must be dynamic, accommodating the organization's expanding needs and the external regulatory environment.

By proactively managing legal risks, the organization can focus on growth and innovation while maintaining compliance and reducing the potential for legal complications.

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